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IVC Evidensia Community Grant

We have been very lucky that our application for a community grant has been awarded to our local village school, Terrington St Clements Community school.

At the moment, they are trying to raise funding for an outdoor shelter for the playground, to hold a variety of activities for the children and the £1000.00 will be going towards this.

IVC Evidensia is committed to supporting employee-nominated charities across its global group. It is pledging up to £300,000 every year in the form of £1,000 grants, which its veterinary practices can donate to local causes. The company has committed to donating 300 community grants in 2022 and aims to make 1000 grants by 2025.  

The IVC Evidensia Community Grants form part of the group’s Positive Pawprint Strategy, which we are proudly a member of at Terrington Vets. 

Here are a few words from Kat Whitmore, Chair of FOSA, on what our donation will be going towards.

"The playground shelter will be quite a large metal structure, multi use, it will be a base for any class to come and use, big enough to seat 30 children to accommodate a lesson outside, so they can use it for anything from history to PE.

It will be used by the children at break times and lunchtimes as a place to shelter from the weather; wind or sun, some love to sit and read or draw or just chat to friends. Our FOSA committee can use it for after school pop ups, such as fundraising bake sales or we’d love to start selling preloved books ‘fill a bag for £2’ for example, to really give everyone a chance to access books for their children.

The school will be able to use it for events such as sports days, for refreshments and also for any presentations or performances, inviting parents into the playground."